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The engine is the most important part of your vehicle; it provides the power that drives the car. As such, there will be leaks over a period of time of engine oil, brake fluids, steering fluids among other grime in the engine bay and compartment. Engine detailing is the regular cleaning of the engine compartment to prevent these leaks from damaging the paint, rubber and plastic parts of your vehicle. Moreover, these leaks may affect
Car detailing is the process of cleaning, restoring and finishing of a car to produce show-quality cleanliness and polish. Detailing can be classified into 3 broad categories; interior, exterior and bodywork. All these require different products and services that focus on those areas specifically to produce a superior finish. If you are looking for car detailing services in Cleveland, then bring your car to us for the ultimate interior, exterior or full car detailing that
It is a sad truth that many car owners will understand car detailing to mean giving the car a good wash. Experts and car enthusiasts, however know that there is a big difference between the two and understand the importance of carrying out car detailing every once in a while. Lets first get the car washing out of the way, a car wash is simply getting rid of dirt from the car. If you are
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Have you noticed your headlights becoming hazy? Are you thinking maybe you should replace them with new ones? Well, there is no need for replacement; a simple headlight restoration job will have them looking amazingly clear and sparkly. Most car headlights are made from a durable plastic polycarbonate which can withstand scratches and a certain degree of impact, so you do not have to change it; you just have to restore it. The fog you

The Truth about Ceramic Coating

Posted by Diego Nelson on  July 19, 2018
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A number of car detailing services are touting ceramic coating as a solution to a number of car problems. Oxidation, scratches, dirt, waxing and so many other problems they say are solved by applying ceramic coating. It does seem too good to be true and to some extent it actually is. There is quite a buzz out there about it and before you decide to go out and get it done for your car, it

Engine Detailing Explained

The engine is the most important part of your vehicle; it provides the power that drives the car. As such, there will be leaks over a period of time of engine oil, brake fluids, steering fluids among other grime in the engine bay and compartment. Engine detailing is the regular cleaning of the engine compartment to prevent these leaks from damaging the paint, rubber and plastic parts of your vehicle. Moreover, these leaks may affect your batteries causing the battery acid to leak; corroding painted and metal surfaces. Doing an engine compartment clean and detail is therefore necessary if you need to maintain the cosmetic look of your vehicle as well as ensure everything is running smoothly.
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However, cleaning the engine bay and compartment is a tedious, long and delicate operation which requires some form of expertise, specific equipment and supplies. Nonetheless, there are some car enthusiasts who have acquired some technical skills over time and can do engine compartment clean and detail in DIY operation in the garage. Basically, there are 3 ways that engine detailing is done. They include; using an engine degreaser, using a pressure washer and steam engine cleaning.

Before you start engine compartment cleaning and detailing, ensure that you cover the alternator, engine’s air intake, and any exposed filters. Generally, you should cover some parts against water or greaser especially electrical parts that could cause a short circuit. You should cover these parts with plastic bags that should be held in place using rubber bands.

Using an Engine degreaser

After covering all the delicate and electrical parts, begin by applying the degreaser everywhere in the engine compartment. This should include spraying the interior wall behind the engine compartment, the radiator, all around the engine and the internal wings. The engine degreaser will work best if you rinse it off before it dries thoroughly.

With a long wooden stiff brush, brush through the different parts of the engine compartment. This is to make sure that the degreaser penetrates deeply before rinsing it off. Most degreasers used for engines are very powerful and you should therefore cover the windshield and wings or wash them after rinsing off the degreaser so that it doesn’t damage the paint and wings.

Using a pressure washer

Using soap and water with a pressure washer, you can also detail your car engine and engine compartment perfectly especially if the grime is not stubborn. However, if the grime is stubborn, it is best to use drastic measures such as chemical engine degreasers. You can get these engine degreasers in most mobile auto detailers where you can also rent a powerful pressure washer to get rid of deposits much more quickly and easily. You have to remember to wear plastic gloves and eye protection while detailing your car to avoid direct skin or eye contact with the chemicals in the degreasers.

Steam Engine Cleaning

Another good way to fully clean and detail your car engine and engine compartment is by using pressurized hot water mixed with a solvent. This comes out as steam and is highly efficient in removing grease and dirt deposits from the engine compartment. Some car detailers start with this process as steam cleaning is not only efficient in deep cleaning but also prevents the car’s paint work and body work from damage by fluid leaks.

However if not done properly, steam cleaning can cause damage to your vehicle’s paint work, rubber and plastic parts. Also, if you don’t protect your vehicle’s critical components from exposure to moisture, it may lead to ignition problems. It is therefore necessary to be skilled to do this kind of engine detailing.

Why you should leave engine detailing to professionals

Engine detailing deals with cleaning the most critical components of your car. In the engine compartment, there is a car battery, carburetor, air filter, the engine and many other parts that make your car function and run smoothly. Most of these parts are electrical and therefore susceptible to damage by water or the chemical degreasers used when detailing the engine if plenty of caution is not taken.

Moreover, if you need to detail your engine while it is still hot, further precaution needs to be taken when using chemicals degreasers which may evaporate and risk causing fires. Furthermore, there are some components which may crack and get damaged if they are hot and suddenly exposed to a cold water bath. This certainly leads to expensive repairs. It is therefore important to leave this task to experienced professionals who can do the work perfectly without causing any harm or damage to your vehicle. Moreover, engine degreasing costs less than $100 which is a fare price for this tedious and delicate task.

Engine flush

An engine flush unlike engine detailing involves cleaning the inside of the engine while engine detailing deals with the exterior. As the name suggests, engine flushing is the removal of gunk out of your car engine. This is normally done between oil changes. Chemicals with cleaning agents are poured into the engine which is then idled for a few minutes to allow the cleaning agents to reach every part the engine oil would go. Thereafter, the chemicals are drained just like oil is drained before clean engine oil is poured in.

While engine flushing is not a standard feature during oil changes, it comes with its own benefits such as giving your engine a new leash of life for optimum power. If you feel that your car engine is not running perfectly, this is an option you should discuss with your oil change professional.

Engine detailing in Cleveland

Engine detailing requires expert knowledge and is a high end detailing package. You may therefore find it difficult to find the best engine detailers. There are a few people who advertise engine detailing services in craigslist and other freelance services but you shouldn’t trust your car’s engine to someone who doesn’t have the equipment or skills to do an engine compartment clean and detail. More often, some people have had their cars’ stalled right after engine detailing because it was not done properly.

Luckily for you, there are some of the best engine detailers in Cleveland who can give you a reliable and dependable service. Car Wash Cleveland is one of the best in Cleveland according to Yelp reviews and we pride ourselves in delivering quality service to our customers. Whether, you want to detail your car for cosmetics before reselling it or just want to ensure that every part of your car is clean and functioning perfectly, you can trust Car Wash Cleveland to give you the best service.