The Truth about Ceramic Coating

A number of car detailing services are touting ceramic coating as a solution to a number of car problems. Oxidation, scratches, dirt, waxing and so many other problems they say are solved by applying ceramic coating. It does seem too good to be true and to some extent it actually is. There is quite a buzz out there about it and before you decide to go out and get it done for your car, it is best to know the truth about it and what it can actually do for your car.

What is ceramic coating?

Ceramic coating is a protective film for car paint. It is a liquid polymer that will chemically bond with the car’s factory paint. You could call it a substitute for car wax that does not need to be reapplied often.

It is important to note that it is not the same as paint protection film since it is rather limited in what it can do.

What ceramic coating can do for your vehicle

Generally it will provide exterior protection to your car paint, making it easier to clean and reducing the amount of maintenance you need to do to keep it looking glossy like it just came from the factory.  Here are some of the things it will do

  • It protects the paint from oxidation caused by exposure to sunlight which make the paint dull and faded
  • It prevents chemical contaminants from bonding with the car body so you have less risk of stains
  • Its hydrophobic property makes the car easier to clean since dirt and water find it hard to stay on the body
  • It makes the car pop like you have just waxed it and yet you will not need to wax it ever

What it cannot do

There is a lot of hype about ceramic coating and as I mentioned earlier, there are also claims about its ability which are just not true. Here are some of the things people think it will do but it really cannot.

  • It cannot eliminate the danger of scratches and swirl marks or car park scratches, for that you need paint film protection
  • It will not eliminate the need to wash your car, though it makes washing easier
  • Even though it is hydrophobic, it cannot prevent dried water marks from forming on the car body
  • It cannot cover scratches that are already there, for that you need to re-spray and the coat.

How to get the best of ceramic coating

With the right care, you can keep your vehicle looking as good as new. Here are a few things you can do to achieve that.

  1. You will have to wash the car with the right equipment, avoid using fabrics that are known to cause scratches and swirls.
  2. Do not wash the car in direct sunlight, because as the water dries off the body, it may leave marks on it.
  3. When drying the body, I would recommend the use of a car vacuum that has a blower or dub using a towel as opposed to rubbing a cloth over the body
  4. Never use household detergents and strong chemicals, find a dedicated car washing liquid
  5. Do not wax the car ever
  6. Remove dead bugs and bird droppings as soon as possible, do not let them dry on the body

So just to be clear, there really is good reason for the buzz about ceramic coating which seems to be the in thing these days. For one, you can say bye bye to waxing your car, you will also have your car always looking as good as new with that glossy look but for extra protection you may want to add a paint film protection which can also protect the car from certain s

cratches and swirls.