Complete Auto Detailing

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Time: 4 to 5 hrs. Normal drop off time is at 10 A.M. and Pick before 5 P.M.
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Exterior Car Detailing
In the area of complete auto detailing in the Cleveland oh. Car Wash Cleveland has proven to be an excellent choice. We provide a number of auto detailing packages to choose from to fit each customer’s needs. No one auto detailing package is suitable for every patron but there is always that package that stands out from the rest. Our Complete Auto Detailing package makes it easy for anyone to walk in and leave out with a clean vehicle.
A Platinum Car Wash package maybe appropriate for the person who is looking for something above your average drive through car wash. It takes less time to do but leaves you without the spring cleaning feel a Complete Auto Detailing gives you. Unless your vehicle has already had a deep cleaning.
Unlike an Ultimate Auto Detailing package which reconditions some of the most worn out parts of your vehicle. A Complete Auto Detailing focuses more on deep cleaning and shining. No spot goes untouched. In addition spots on the exterior and interior of your vehicle that you thought couldn’t come out or get better, does!
We love to see the faces of customers who come back and say,” My car has n’t looked this good since I pull it off the lot.” If you’ve owned a white vehicle for over a year and taken it to a car wash over and over again than you know what we’re talking about. All types of spots keep on showing up but never go away. You know it is dirt, grim or something but whatever products the car wash is using doesn’t seem to get rid of it. How many times has one of our customers said,” I did n’t even know that came out.” Let Car Wash Cleveland save you from these embarrassing marks and moments on your vehicle with our Complete Auto Detailing package.

steps for auto detailing

  • Professional hand wash
  • Remove surface contaminants (bugs, tar, rail dust, ect.) with detailing clay-bar
  • Wheels fully cleaned removing brake dust and grime
  • Wheel wells and tires cleaned and dressed
  • Door jambs cleaned
  • Exterior and interior glass cleaned
  • Towel and power air dried
  • Apply wax or paint sealant
  • Interior cleaned and vacuumed
  • Interior Shampoo
  • Heavy machine polishing to reduce oxidation, scratches and haze
  • Deep cleaning of all hard interior surfaces
  • Leather cleaned
  • carpets and floor-mats
  • headliner cleaned