Diego Nelson


Image Diego NelsonDiego Nelson
Master Auto Detailer

Phone: (216) 258-0091 ext.700

email: diego@carwashcleveland.com                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

“Good is the enemy of great.” ― Jim Collins


Diego Nelson is a Master Auto Detailer with over 10 years experience.

His success in the auto detailing field comes from his many resources and network of auto industry partners that have supported his development. In the auto detailing field in Cleveland OH, it doesn’t pay to be good it pays to be great at what you do. The people will simply love you for it.



Skills and attention to detail

Diego knows the intricate details required in professional auto detailing from the claying, polishing, and waxing elements of exterior detailing to the thoroughness of interior detailing.

Vehicle surfaces require a basic understanding of chemistry and how to rejuvenate and protect each of the many and varied material surfaces, regardless of its specific surface composition making objective observations based upon experience, the results obtained, and adjusting the techniques and products used as necessary. His skills also extend themselves to engine detailing, safety and the professional use of high-grade tools and products. Detailing also takes a willingness to experiment, using sound judgement to do what’s best for customers.  Diego’s applies his sound knowledge to many other areas, leading his team to do their best every time, additionally, in these key areas:

  • Paint technology and the differences between single stage and multiple stage paint
  • Clear coats and their reactions to different types of compounds and polishes
  • Appropriate choice and use of equipment
  • Fabrics, carbon fibre, leathers and other very difficult surfaces