Auto-detailing has become a leading hobby and passion. No one wants to see a dusty car. Is that the reason why you visit a car washer? So, what happens then? Do you get rid of each and every stain? Practically, you cannot! The usual car wash has nothing much to offer, other than

One of the things we love about summer is taking a road trip. Having a car that is in good condition prior to the trip is always important and we are usually very vigilant about caring for our cars by checking that we have enough air in our tires; the oil is replaced;

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We thought it would be a good idea to let you see how your black car can look after being out side in the hard sun all day, everyday.Oxidation removal is something we specialize in. No worries, the shine can come back. Black Car Oxidation Removal

A customer called us with a problem and said,”I have a black BMW with swirls in the hood. Can you help me?” A little cut,buff and polish with a touch of swirl remover a she was back to looking like new.