Does My Ride Need a Car Wash or a Detail?


When it comes to maintaining your car’s appearance regular washing is a must. But what about detailing, waxing, or that clay bar thing? There are several factors to consider when deciding on what type of cleaning your car needs and how often. The two main factors are the climate of your location as well as how often you drive your car.

Car Wash

A simple car wash is need periodically to remover harmful environmental contaminates—such as dirt, mud, tar, and sand—from the clear coat of your car. While you can opt to take your car to a drive-thru type, it could leave your car full of scratches. It’s therefore recommended that you hand wash your car to decrease the likelihood of scratching your paint.
A regular car wash is recommended every 3-4 weeks during spring, summer, and fall. During winter, however, especially those living in areas that receive regular amounts of snow, it’s extremely important to wash the surface of your car as well as the undercarriage often.

Car Detailing

Detailing your ride is a bit different than a regular wash. Typically, the average detail includes waxing the exterior, cleaning all exterior trim and cleaning the wheels and thoroughly cleaning the inside of the vehicle. Clay-baring is also a good idea; this removes damaging contaminants from the paint surface and allows for a smoother surface to apply a good coat of wax to.

Keeping the interior clean and fresh is just as important as the outside. Shampooing the carpet and seats is a good idea, especially if you have children or pets. After deep cleaning your interior it’s a good idea to apply a stain and water repellent. If you have leather, be sure to condition it often so it doesn’t dry and crack.
The experts recommend detailing your car every 6 months and apply a coat of wax seasonally to keep your ride looking good.

Another tip for keep your car looking like new is using a windshield sunshade. This might sound silly, but using a windshield sunshade will prevent your dashboard from fading and possibly cracking due to U.V. damage from the sun’s rays. Even in winter, U.V. rays will still harm your interior.

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