Auto-detailing has become a leading hobby and passion. No one wants to see a dusty car. Is that the reason why you visit a car washer? So, what happens then? Do you get rid of each and every stain? Practically, you cannot! The usual car wash has nothing much to offer, other than the clean tires and fanciful feeling.
If you truly want to experience the lust of driving a stainless car (stains that even your naked eye cannot see), you are cornered to use a clay bar – typically designed for automobile restoration.

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You must have used a similar clay (doughy stuff) in your childhood and probably that is the reason why some of the people seem to be going against it – which is worth wondering about!
In the simplest language, if you glide the clay over your car’s surface, it would pluck out all the obtrusive elements. However, you should use a clay lubricant to ensure that the surface is not dry. If you rub it on a dry surface, any lose abrasion might cause some scratches. That is not the fault of the clay – all the instructions are mentioned and if you follow them properly, it would never harm your car.
Most of the people make a silly mistake when they drop an expensive branded clay bar and pick it up to surf the car body. It causes scratches on the surface as the clay bar attracts dust on its surface. In order to avoid that from happening, you should keep a clay bar in chunks to always have a spare.

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If you use a medium grade clay bar, chances are there might be some leftovers on the car body which subsequently requires polishing. Therefore, it is always recommended to use a high-grade clay bar to avoid any compromise.

You should not be using a clay bar in explicit sunlight as the bar will dry up very quickly and you might end up with a rough car, yet again! It does not end here, and after each glide, you should reshape your bar to ensure that the same dry clay does not scroll down the surface to ruin the body.
Once you are done with all these careful procedures and still want more out of it, you should re-wash your car to get rid of any residue in order to give it a brilliant look.
Moreover, you should not even pressurize the clay on a surface with your hand(s). Exerting extra pressure takes away the lubricant and dries it up very quickly. Not only this, but it does not even let the debris stick to its surface. You should use a clean cloth (usually comes with the clay bar) to scrub it all over.
By now, it must have been evident that the clay bar, itself cannot halt your car care. In fact, it is designed to make your car look robust. But if there is any mishandling or quirkiness on your part, then you might not be happy with its overall performance.