3 Ways the Sun Could Be Harming Your Paintwork

One of the things we love about summer is taking a road trip. Having a car that is in good condition prior to the trip is always important and we are usually very vigilant about caring for our cars by checking that we have enough air in our tires; the oil is replaced; our tire pressure is correct, and the gas is filled. But during the summer, the sun’s intense heat can reach temperatures of 59°F and in Cleveland hotter is becoming the new normal. It’s a good time to double-check that our auto detailing routine is as effective as we need it to be. During long or short drives and while parked roadside and in open parking lots, we expose our car’s paintwork to the sun’s elements and the potential damage of deterioration and corrosion could be more serious than you think. We spoke to Diego Nelson, Head Technician, and Supervisor of Car Wash Cleveland and asked him for his advice for summer car-care…

Black Car Oxidation Removal

1. Premature Fading

When intense heat combined with oxygen breaks down the molecular structure of the paint and causes it to act like sun damaged skin, the result is oxidation and it causes the car paint to fade. You won’t notice it at first, but a few months of this and you’ll notice that the sun is slowly burning the paint away. An easy prevention tip is to put your car in a garage, sheltered parking or cover your car when parked. Regular car washes and detailing will prevent heavy restoration in the future. However, if you notice fading paint and need a cure check out Diego’s three-point-checklist below.

2. Burnt in bird droppings, dirt and roadside grime can harden and become difficult to remove

Alone, bird droppings are toxic enough to damage your car’s paintwork. The acidic composite literally starts to burn through the paint on contact. Add intense heat to that and you’ve got an acidic mixture cooking on your car. The tip here is to handle with care! Frequent washing is necessary, but be careful not to scratch stubborn burnt-in stains which will do more damage than good.

3. Combined heat can be double trouble

Engine heat combined with the sun’s intense heat is another concern.  Together, it’s almost impossible to keep the car’s exterior cool as engine heat puts pressure on the hood’s paint, and direct sunlight scorches the roof paint. In this case, ensure you top up the coolant and use your AC sparingly. Though, when traveling it can be a challenge to use less AC!



We are all aware that the condition of our car’s paint is important – not just to us, but it’s one of the most appealing aspects of a car, and it helps to determine the car’s resale value. Lack of care or improper care can cause you thousands of dollars in auto restoration over time. So how do you know if your paint is in good condition?


Prevention is better than a cure

If you have a new car, prevention is usually better than a cure. So opt for a coating system that will offer weather resistance, UV protection, and minimize the impact of scratches. Need help selecting a coating? Call us at Car Wash Cleveland on Tel. 212. 200.8626 to find out about our high-quality professional coating system using nanoskin technology. This is one of the most advanced coating systems for protecting your car’s paintwork, and it lasts up to 3 years! Book now and get a full interior and exterior auto detail all for $275! (Total value $500).


What treatments can you apply to older cars?

Diego has some quick checks that you can conduct yourself.


Three Point Checklist:

Light Oxidation Heavy Oxidation
1.     Blotchy white marks

2.    Dull appearance

3.    When wiped with a dry soft cloth it leaves a light residue

1.     Paintwork appears white and chalky and/or clear coat is peeling off

2.    Dead paint and dirt are ingrained on the surface

3.    When wiped with a dry soft cloth it leaves a stubborn stain


What should you do now?

If you’ve used the three-point checks above and it seems like your car is suffering from light oxidation you may need to get back to basics. A good monthly auto detailing routine will ensure that your car is clean, hand-dried, polished and waxed to perfection. At Car Wash Cleveland, we can have your car looking like it has just left the lot.


However, if you think that your car might be suffering from heavy oxidation then we’ll do a detailed check and find a solution that will get you back on track.

In a nutshell, treat your car’s paint exterior like you would your skin. Sunscreen and shaded areas for you, and sheltered parking spaces, car covers and good protective car wax for your car. Regular car maintenance is key and it will save you a lot of money in the long-run.


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