The Top Benefits of Car Detailing

As more people spend more time in their cars than ever before, at Car Wash Cleveland we understand why it is important to give our customers the very best services. These include auto detailing services to ensure every rider enjoys each ride and is comfortable. Auto detailing is not something for the rich only. This is a service which is very affordable and available for anyone who wants to maintain their vehicle in pristine conditions.

The Top Benefits of Car Detailing

-Auto detailing helps preserve your car’s paint condition. Dirt, dust and debris affect your car everyday you are on the road. If these are not taken care of immediately, they may cause the paintwork to chip away which could be expensive to repaint. When detailing your car, our professionals apply a coat of wax to your car’s paint which not only restores its shine; it also provides a protective barrier against dirt and dust.

-Whenever you are behind the wheel in a car whose interior is clean and smelling fresh, you are likely to experience an improved driving experience. This is because there will be no ugly distractions inside your car allowing you to keep your eyes on the road. Moreover, you will look more presentable and your clothes remain clean than when driving in a car which has not been detailed.

-Detailing also helps preserve your vehicle’s resale value. More often than not, you may need an upgrade on your ride. In such instances, the cosmetic condition of your car will make your car more appealing to buyers and you are likely to get a better resale value.

There are several types of auto detailing services around Cleveland with each service depending on the amount you are willing to pay. However, the most common types are:

  1. Basic Auto Detailing

This is the entry package that you will find in most car detailing centers. You can even find someone willing to do it for you through Craigslist and offers the most basic services. Normally, you can get this service for $ 20 dollars or even less depending on who is doing it. However, you should not expect to get much from the basic detailing as some people will not even wash your car rims or do tire dressing.

Although this kind of service is not recommended, some car wash companies do it because they want to attract new clientele with this cheap service. The only problem is that this service does very little to improve or maintain your car’s condition. However, it can be a great starting point if you need to have a conversation with your car wash professional on the do’s and don’ts of car detailing.

Our basic car detailing however is a little bit different as it covers both the exterior and interior to give your car a good clean. It is the package we recommend for customers whose cars are in fair condition but still require full detailing in and out. For this package, you should expect to pay just $99 and your car will be ready in less than 3 hours.

  1. Complete Interior Car Detailing

This is the service we found popular with a lot of people. Interior car detailing involves shampooing floor mats and seats, conditioning upholstery and dressing plastic interior plastic parts. The windows and headliner are also cleaned. Some people prefer only this service as they don’t mind about the exterior since it will get dirty anyway. Furthermore, it is a bit cheaper than the full car detailing. Your car will also smell nice and looking cleaning which will definitely change how you feel when you drive for better.

  1. Full Exterior Car Detailing

If you are looking to have a flawless looking car, then this is the package for you. This service deals with getting rid of minor rust, paint, grit, tar and other scrubbing to ensure your car looks flawless. Additionally, you will get engine compartment cleaned and detailed as well as the rims cleaned and the tires dressed. Moreover, the paint of your car will be reconditioned and a coat of protective wax applied to give your car a flawless look. This service will cost you around $85 and is usually carried out by trained professionals.

  1. Complete Auto Detailing

This is a combination of interior and exterior detailing with focus on deep cleaning and shining. These include clay bar treatment, waxing the exterior, shampooing, conditioning leather seats and stain removal. This package is ideal if your car is in good condition and only requires basic cleaning and restoring its shine. Going for around $150, this service takes approximately 5 hours and is totally worth the investment. However, if you are looking for extra add-ons on your complete auto detailing package, then you should go for the ultimate auto detailing.

  1. Ultimate Auto Detailing

This package involves everything about your car that needs to be cleaned. The interior will be shampooed, seats cleaned, leather seats conditioned among other services. Moreover, with this package, any worn out parts of your car will be reconditioned as well. These include minor paint chips, minor rust, engine compartment conditioning and other services that will make your car showroom ready. Normally, you should expect to pay around $225 dollars for this package and your car will be handled by experienced professionals who will make you fall in love with your car again.

Some people fear taking their car to a professional car wash because they are afraid of the costs. However, that decision may be costly in the long run if your car is detailed by somebody who is not a professional and may not do the job properly. At Car Wash Cleveland, we work closely with our customers to ensure they get maximum value for their budget. In addition, our services are designed to restore and recondition our client’s vehicles to make sure they enjoy riding in them every single day. Whether you are looking for a basic in and out car detailing service or want the ultimate package, you can trust that our car wash professionals will give you the best service possible. All you need to do is schedule an appointment with us and your car will get the restoration it requires.