Need A Ride

  Need a ride? Do you want to get your car detailed but don’t have a way here or back?We’ve found a solution for that, Rohan Timol, professional driver. Call (407) 421-2804 to schedule an appointment.

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Should Removing Decals From Your Car Be Done by a Professional.

So, you decided to update your company’s logo and need to re-wrap your fleet vehicles. But what about decal removal? Maybe you just bought a new car and want to remove the badges the dealer put on for free advertising. Or maybe you just have some old stickers that you’d […]

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Here is a post we thought you might enjoy from our sister company Cleaning Services C on how to remove pet hair from anything. Along with a short video on how Car Wash Cleveland removes dog hair from a car floor. It’s just as easy to love our animal companions […]

How To Remove Oxidation From Your Car

Want to learn how to remove oxidation from your car? Today, I received some very interesting information about how to remove oxidation from your car by CleanTools. I would love to here what our readers think of this infograph? Infographic courtesy of CleanTools