Should Removing Decals From Your Car Be Done by a Professional.

So, you decided to update your company’s logo and need to re-wrap your fleet vehicles. But what about
decal removal? Maybe you just bought a new car and want to remove the badges the dealer put on for
free advertising. Or maybe you just have some old stickers that you’d like to remove.
Whatever the situation, removing decals from your car is deceptively simple task. I mean
after all you just pull or scrap it off, right?


Methods for decal removal vary depending on the type of decal, wrap, or badge, the adhesive used, and
the surface to which they are adhered. Some surfaces like glass are extremely tough and can withstand
more aggressive removal methods such as razor blades. But you wouldn’t want to take a razor to your
car’s painted surfaces.

There are several steps to removing decals from your car:

1. Remove the top layer of material—be it a sticker, some type of vinyl wrap, or maybe plastic or
rubber in the case of many emblems and badges. This is generally the easiest step and where
many people stop or give up. In reality, it’s just the beginning of the decal removal process, and
why you need a professional to do it right.
2. Remove the adhesive. Thin adhesives can usually be removed with a micro-fiber towel and light
hand buffing. Thicker adhesives require the use of special products specifically made for
removing decals from your car. Professionals will know exactly what products to use that won’t
damage your ride.
3. Removing adhesive residue. After removing the majority of the adhesive, there will always be
some residue left on the surface. It’s important to remove traces of adhesive from the surface
because left-over adhesive can cause damage to your car’s paint. Again, proper use of products,
and in some cases mechanical removal using a rotary polisher or buffer will remove the last of the
residue from your vehicle’s surface.
4. Polish/repair of the underlying surface. This will differ greatly depending on the type of decal and
materials used, as well as the age of the decal. The careful eyes of a well-trained and
experienced car detailer will insure that the surface looks right from all angles.
The experienced and knowledgeable auto-detailers at Car Wash Cleveland are ready to handle all your
decal removal needs. Whether it’s stickers, vinyl-wraps, or some other decal, we can restore your car’s
finish the right way. Our wide-range of experience with a variety of surfaces means we know the right
process and the right products to you for your application.
Car Wash Cleveland Can Remove Decals From Your Car.

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