Headlight Restoration

Have you noticed your headlights becoming hazy? Are you thinking maybe you should replace them with new ones? Well, there is no need for replacement; a simple headlight restoration job will have them looking amazingly clear and sparkly. Most car headlights are made from a durable plastic polycarbonate which can […]

Headlight Restoration

The Truth about Ceramic Coating

A number of car detailing services are touting ceramic coating as a solution to a number of car problems. Oxidation, scratches, dirt, waxing and so many other problems they say are solved by applying ceramic coating. It does seem too good to be true and to some extent it actually […]

Spray Wax vs Ceramic Detail Spray

Spray Wax vs Ceramic Detail Spray Just about every car owner likes the way their car looks when it’s new. Unfortunately, they just do not maintain that shine and sometimes the sun will cause oxidation resulting in a horrible sight. Well, all is not lost, you can use wax or […]

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Need A Ride

  Need a ride? Do you want to get your car detailed but don’t have a way here or back?We’ve found a solution for that, Rohan Timol, professional driver. Call (407) 421-2804 to schedule an appointment.

Should Removing Decals From Your Car Be Done by a Professional.

So, you decided to update your company’s logo and need to re-wrap your fleet vehicles. But what about decal removal? Maybe you just bought a new car and want to remove the badges the dealer put on for free advertising. Or maybe you just have some old stickers that you’d […]

Decal Removal Image