Here is a post we thought you might enjoy from our sister company Cleaning Services C on how to remove pet hair from anything. Along with a short video on how Car Wash Cleveland removes dog hair from a car floor. It’s just as easy to love our animal companions […]

Pet Hair in Car Image

How To Remove Oxidation From Your Car

Want to learn how to remove oxidation from your car? Today, I received some very interesting information about how to remove oxidation from your car by CleanTools. I would love to here what our readers think of this infograph? Infographic courtesy of CleanTools

Interior Car Detail

Shiny On The Outside, But What About The Inside?

Everybody loves a gorgeous, shiny exterior on their vehicle, but what about the interior, where you spend most of your time? Keeping the small space this is your car’s interior is important in order to maintain a clean ride inside and out. In this blog, we are going to go […]

Exterior Detailing: It’s More Than Just A Wash And A Wax

So, you just finished washing your prized ride. It’s pretty clean, but it doesn’t quite glisten like it used to. It could use a good detail to get it shining again, but where do you start? The auto parts store has shelves full of different compounds, polishes, waxes, washes etc. […]

steps for car detailing