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When shopping for a loved one becomes a frustrating guessing game we can help. Our auto detailing services are the perfect way to surprise a family member, best friend or that special someone. Most folks spend a great deal of their time in their vehicles, so keeping it looking great can really improve their mood and rack up some major brownie points for you.

Limited Time Offer: COVID-19 25% Off

Professional hand wash
Remove surface contaminants (bugs, tar, rail dust, ect.) with detailing clay-bar
Wheels fully cleaned removing brake dust and grime
Wheel wells and tires cleaned and dressed
Exhaust tips cleaned
Door jambs cleaned
Exterior and interior glass cleaned
Towel and power air dried
Spray sealant applied to remove water spots and add protection
Apply wax or paint sealant
Interior cleaned and vacuumed
Trim surfaces wiped down and dressed
Trunk Detailed
Heavy machine polishing to reduce oxidation, scratches and haze
All leather surfaces will be treated
Door jambs waxed
Deep cleaning of all hard interior surfaces
Leather cleaned and condition
carpets and floor-mats and headliner cleaned
Exterior Environment Protection
Fabric Protection