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Complete Auto Detailing $155.00 (Recommmended)
Buying a car is always an overwhelming task. First, you have to decide if you need a new car or a used one based on your needs and budget. Regardless of the case, a vehicle once purchased requires good maintenance for all round reliability and peak performance. A car is a utility and thus, due care should be given to ensure that no breakdowns will happen anytime. Aside from periodic maintenance of the turbocharger, engine and chassis, the aesthetic part of things should be considered as well. A car is a piece of art and overtime, it’s subject to wear and tear. Dents and scratches may occur and the initial luster may be lost. When you decide to sell your car, you have to ensure that you can attract possible buyers and convince them that purchasing your vehicle is a good idea. The first impression is always the best impression and here’s where auto detailing comes in. Car Wash Cleveland offers high quality car detailing services that use the finest detailing products that can effectively restore your vehicle’s exterior shine and leave the interior fresh and clean!

Why Choose Us?

Who wouldn’t love a clean car? A clean car runs better and looks better! Our car detailing technicians are skilled and equipped with the most advanced equipment, supplies, chemicals and tools to provide the best detailing services for your car. Using today’s sophisticated technology of specially formulated products that protect both the exterior and interior of a vehicle, our auto detailing services improve your car’s appearance and resale value once you decide to sell it. We offer different car detailing packages to meet your auto detailing needs and budget. We go far beyond your car’s exterior to ensure every inch of your investment will uplift your mood! We’re not satisfied until our customer is. We go out our way by offering high quality service at an affordable rate. You can also trust us for pet hair removal, engine compartment cleaning, small dent repair and paint reconditioning. We can go on-site and clean and detail semi trucks and boats. When we are done, your car will sport a brand new look that will surely turn heads once you drive it off the lot! Looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones? Don’t worry! Our auto detailing service will surely meet your needs! We’ve taken our services to new heights by offering gift certificates. These certificates come in various values to fit your budget and show your family and friends how thoughtful you are. If you or you loved one’s car needs a complete makeover, we can provide accessory and sound services through affiliates who are leaders in their own industry and work under our supervision to turn any vehicle into your dream car.   Working with us gives you the assurance of:

On time delivery -Top notch partners -Skilled car detailing technicians -High quality facilities and equipment -Specially formulated protection products -Satisfaction guarantee and  Affordable prices!

We value your car and your satisfaction. With Car Wash Cleveland, you get nothing, but the best! Call us today and we’ll respond to you fast!

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