Ultimate Auto Detailing

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Ultimate Auto Detailing $225

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SUV Detailed


This is the “we touch everything package.”  We call it that because we carefully clean every inch of your car inside and out.  This isn’t just any car cleaning package, this package will make your car showroom ready.

Keeping your car in good shape is more than just running it through the car wash, Car Wash Cleveland knows how to take care of your vehicle.  We use specialized products and have the knowledge to know what will work and what won’t.  Our expertise comes from years of satisfied customers and thousands of extremely clean cars.

The Ultimate Auto Detailing package is an excellent choice for before or after vacations as well as routinely with our maintenance oil changes.  Many of our customers choose this detail because you get the most bang for your buck.



The list of things we clean in our Ultimate Auto Detailing package is long but we believe in transparency.  You should know exactly what your money gets you. This package includes:

  • Professional hand wash
  • Remove surface contaminants (bugs, tar, rail dust, ect.) with detailing clay-bar
  • Wheels fully cleaned removing brake dust and grime
  • Wheel wells and tires cleaned and dressed
  • Exhaust tips cleaned
  • Door jambs cleaned
  • Exterior and interior glass cleaned
  • Towel and power air dried
  • Spray sealant applied to remove water spots and add protection
  • Engine Compartment Clean and Detail
  • Apply wax or paint sealant
  • Interior cleaned and vacuumed
  • Trim surfaces wiped down and dressed
  • Trunk Detailed
  • Heavy machine polishing to reduce oxidation, scratches and haze
  • All leather surfaces will be treated
  • Door jambs waxed
  • Deep cleaning of all hard interior surfaces
  • Leather cleaned and condition
  • carpets and floor-mats and headliner cleaned
  • Exterior Environment Protection
  • Fabric Protection
  • Leather Protection
  • Dog Hair Removal
  • Heavy Soil removal
  • Paint (Light Over-spray) Removal
  • light Wet-sand