Platinum Car Wash

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Platinum Car Wash

Platinum Car Wash

Platinum Car Wash

Our Platinum Car Wash Package is a comprehensive hand car wash aimed at customers who have a passion for keeping their car clean. Our premium  Platinum Car Wash will meet your needs to keep your car clean and looking fresh off the showroom floor.

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Price: $45  Now: $25  SUVs: $35 Trucks: $45


Exterior Cleaning

  • Hand wash and remove all tar and bugs
  • Clay barred to remove all surf grim
  • Special minor rust removal cleaning solution applied
  • Thoroughly clean tires and rims
  • Dress tires
  • Finished with a spray-wax

 Interior Cleaning

  • Interior including carpets, floor mats, seats, and trunk
  • Wipe down interior and minor spot removal
  • Empty ashtray
  • Clean windows

We offer the best car wash service throughout the Cleveland, Oh area. Our experienced professionals use the best products to fancy your car to looking new again. Experience the ultimate luxury in our industry. We’re sure you’ll feel the pride right at the moment your eyes fall amazed at what less than 30 minutes could do to your car.