steps for car detailing

So, you just finished washing your prized ride. It’s pretty clean, but it doesn’t quite glisten like it used to. It could use a good detail to get it shining again, but where do you start? The auto parts store has shelves full of different compounds, polishes, waxes, washes etc. There’s clay bars, prewax, glaze, and even something called “quick detailer.”   Exterior Detailing takes know how.  You must know when and where to use the

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wet sanding

Wet sanding is a technique used by automotive detailers to correct deep gouges, scratches, or swirls on the surface of a vehicle’s paint. Over the lifetime of a vehicle, the paint is going to be assaulted by the environment in which you drive, but that’s why there is a protective layer on top called the clear coat. The clear coat on your car protects it from the powerful UV rays of the sun, as well

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  When it comes to maintaining your car’s appearance regular washing is a must. But what about detailing, waxing, or that clay bar thing? There are several factors to consider when deciding on what type of cleaning your car needs and how often. The two main factors are the climate of your location as well as how often you drive your car. Car Wash A simple car wash is need periodically to remover harmful environmental

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Winter damage car

Don’t Punish Your Car This Winter

Posted by Diego Nelson on January 04, 2017
Category : Winter Damage

Getting outside to hand wash and detail your vehicle can be a lot of fun. Your vehicle is a big investment and most people enjoy giving their investment some TLC. But, once the temperatures outside start dropping in winter this “fun” chore loses a lot of its appeal. However, winter is the time of year when your vehicle will be most in need of that TLC. Here are a few reasons why you should consider

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Auto-detailing has become a leading hobby and passion. No one wants to see a dusty car. Is that the reason why you visit a car washer? So, what happens then? Do you get rid of each and every stain? Practically, you cannot! The usual car wash has nothing much to offer, other than the clean tires and fanciful feeling. If you truly want to experience the lust of driving a stainless car (stains that even

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