Car detailing is the process of cleaning, restoring and finishing of a car to produce show-quality cleanliness and polish. Detailing can be classified into 3 broad categories; interior, exterior and bodywork. All these require different products and services that focus on those areas specifically to produce a superior finish. If you are looking for car detailing services in Cleveland, then bring your car to us for the ultimate interior, exterior or full car detailing that
It is a sad truth that many car owners will understand car detailing to mean giving the car a good wash. Experts and car enthusiasts, however know that there is a big difference between the two and understand the importance of carrying out car detailing every once in a while. Lets first get the car washing out of the way, a car wash is simply getting rid of dirt from the car. If you are
Headlight Restoration
Have you noticed your headlights becoming hazy? Are you thinking maybe you should replace them with new ones? Well, there is no need for replacement; a simple headlight restoration job will have them looking amazingly clear and sparkly. Most car headlights are made from a durable plastic polycarbonate which can withstand scratches and a certain degree of impact, so you do not have to change it; you just have to restore it. The fog you

The Truth about Ceramic Coating

Posted by Diego Nelson on July 19, 2018

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A number of car detailing services are touting ceramic coating as a solution to a number of car problems. Oxidation, scratches, dirt, waxing and so many other problems they say are solved by applying ceramic coating. It does seem too good to be true and to some extent it actually is. There is quite a buzz out there about it and before you decide to go out and get it done for your car, it
Spray Wax vs Ceramic Detail Spray Just about every car owner likes the way their car looks when it’s new. Unfortunately, they just do not maintain that shine and sometimes the sun will cause oxidation resulting in a horrible sight. Well, all is not lost, you can use wax or detail spray to maintain that shine and protect it. When faced with the choice of spray wax and ceramic detail spray. Many vehicle owners are