As if overnight, our world has changed. It seems that from one day to the next everything we knew has been swapped around due to the arrival of Covid-19, leaving many of us feeling out of control and unsure of the future. We’re here to reassure you that there are certainly still some things you can count on! At Cleveland Car Wash we have been in operation long enough to overcome our fair share of
During the rainy season, your car’s interior is likely to be stained by soil and mud especially on the carpeting. While mud and soil may stain your car’s carpet, these stains are usually not permanent. They can easily be removed by simple ingredients such as water and dish detergent. It is important to remove the mud and heavy soil as soon as possible because letting them stay for longer may affect the quality of your
Winter damage car

Don’t Punish Your Car This Winter

Posted by Diego Nelson on  November 17, 2018

Category: Winter Damage
Getting outside to hand wash and detail your vehicle can be a lot of fun. Your vehicle is a big investment and most people enjoy giving their investment some TLC. But, once the temperatures outside start dropping in winter this “fun” chore loses a lot of its appeal. However, winter is the time of year when your vehicle will be most in need of that TLC. Here are a few reasons why you should consider
Van Before Paint Prep
There are several ways of restoring your vehicle’s exterior look but painting does the ultimate job of giving it a fresh look. However, if you need to paint your car, you should take note that what brings out the best paintwork is in the preparation. Whether you are re-painting the whole car or just repairing a chip, there are some prep works you need to do diligently to achieve the best results. These include; cutting,
SUV Detailed
As more people spend more time in their cars than ever before, at Car Wash Cleveland we understand why it is important to give our customers the very best services. These include auto detailing services to ensure every rider enjoys each ride and is comfortable. Auto detailing is not something for the rich only. This is a service which is very affordable and available for anyone who wants to maintain their vehicle in pristine conditions.